Bonjour, I am Matthieu Bonelli and I help digital companies become truly customer centric.


A lot of professionals are responsible for developing a sustainable CX strategy, but too few receive the necessary help and resources to fulfill their objectives. As a consequence, they struggle to implement the right practices that fit their organisation and fail to make a real impact.


CXMania helps those professionals who want to deliver outstanding customer experience and thrive in their industry as a truly customer centric organisation.

Browsing on this website, you will find more information on how I can help you and your company on your journey to customer centricity.

Reading the use case of my collaboration with Café Royal, you will understand how I work with my partners and how deeply we can set strong foundations and elevate the company’s customer’s experience while setting the right culture and engaging all teams.

Taking the test, you will understand better how customer centric your company is today and uncover opportunities for improvement.


I have dedicated all my career to the study and improvement of Customer Experience. working with some of the most customer centric e-commerce organisations, such as Zalando or Casper. 

There I gained a lot of experience and worked on projects that provided great value to our customers.

As I was always striving to learn and improve, I started meeting people in the industry. 

Most of the people were sharing with me their challenges, and they were all telling me how difficult it was for them to implement the right methods, they had no idea where to start or how to adapt the CX concepts to their organisation. 

They all wanted to become the Zalando for their industry but had no idea how to do it.

That’s when I realised I could support them to reach their objectives and that’s the reason why I created CXMania.

Today I work with a limited number of companies. I chose to do so because I want to make a real impact, with an deep approach and working collaboratively.

I’m not just sharing knowledge and advice, I’m here as a facilitator and coach and I accompany the organisation at each step of their journey to customer centricity.

So far we’ve had great results and I’m truly amazed at how fast companies have managed to improve and are transforming their mindset to develop a truly customer centric culture.