Café Royal is a Swiss coffee brand, a subsidiary of Migros, the largest retail company in Switzerland. It is a good example of a successful mid-size company, with more than 65 years of existence selling coffee to the largest supermarkets in different countries.

The organisation recently started its digital transformation and discovered that customer’s expectations were very different in the e-commerce world.

Understanding that improving customer’s experience would be a key component to their long-term success but lacking the expertise in that field, they acknowledged the need to get extra support and guidance.

We then started a partnership with the objective to create and develop a complete CX program that would fit the unique characteristics of the company and set Café Royal on the path to become the most customer centric organisation in the coffee industry.

Historically, Café Royal lived in an engineering-driven environment.

Therefore the main challenge was that consumer expectations did not match our proposition as a consumer brand. 

 Consequently we thought the only possibility to “listen to customer’s voice” were extensive and costly market research or digital surveys.

We also needed to increase the speed of development of new concepts.

Michael Sandmeier

Director of the Café Royal Business Unit


The collaboration began with an in-depth assessment of their company’s readiness and maturity, first of all from a business perspective, analysing all processes and the experience delivered to their customers, but also from a mindset’s point of view.

This detail-oriented approach was crucial to the success of the project because it allowed the organisation to learn more about their own capabilities, business drivers but also to pinpoint the main areas for improvement and set the pace for the project.

By performing many interviews and workshops, I managed to identify the key success factors they were missing and we agreed to start strengthening the foundation of their business to support a sustainable CX program.


We worked with many teams to reinforce the main components of that foundation:

– An efficient Voice Of Customer program, where we set-up the tools to generate valuable customer feedback, perform efficient analyses and share insights to the relevant teams.

– We provided an overview of the customer journey, allowing the entire organisation to spot the major customers’ pain points along their journey but also to highlight what customers love about the organisation.

– A powerful dashboard highlights the main customer-related KPIs to quickly identify issues and changes of expectations from customers along the journey. This tool is really important to understand the impact of customer satisfaction with the business in terms of conversion and retention. It also helps the teams in making better informed decisions.

– Another important element was to continuously educate teams, through presentations and workshops, so everyone would learn more about customers’ needs and how each employee could bring more value to their customers and the organisation.


Matthieu’s support helped us so far in two ways: first of all the rational benefits of having access to the voice of the customer.

Secondly, Matthieu provided a professional approach of how to implement customer centricity throughout the organization.

As he did not only act as “Mr. CX” but as a real facilitator, we have today a voice of customer team that takes the CX mindset deeply into the teams.

Michael Sandmeier

Director of the Café Royal Business Unit


By setting a strong foundation for their CX program, Café Royal is now ready to tackle bigger challenges, such as solving the main customers’ pain points that have been identified.

A cross-functional team named the Voice of Customer now supports the organisation by bringing more customer insights to each team while collaborating in making company-wide impact.

This is bringing a new light on how important CX is becoming at Café Royal.

To me, the most impressive results so far are that we successfully measure today CX on multiple touchpoints along the customer journey.

After only 9 months of preparation we are now at full speed. Organizational set-up is established, CX dashboard is live and projects for CX improvement are defined.

Michael Sandmeier

Director of the Café Royal Business Unit


In 2020, I will continue coaching the Voice Of Customer team.

The next objectives have been validated and the customer’s point of view will become essential in setting up the long-term strategy, with the creation of new innovative projects to exceed customer’s expectations.

We will also carry on with integrating new processes and frameworks for the organisation to continuously improve customer’s experience as part of its DNA.

Over the next couple of months we will change from only measuring CX to an active management and improvement.

In 2020, Matthieu will be the cornerstone of the VoC team and help the organization to become the most customer oriented coffee brand in the market.

Michael Sandmeier

Director of the Café Royal Business Unit

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